ArtisJet U5000

ArtisJet U5000

The NEW A2+ LED UV Production Printer

Print BIG and up to 71 by 51 cm

Boost your productivity, 2X speed

  • Optimal output durability by drying the prints in different layers using the all new ECO LED UV curing system.
  • Simplified maintenance due to the integrated core
  • Enjoy the color accuracy and color sharpness with the new wave pass control, ink dithering system
  • The white ink enables the printing on dark and transparent
  • Flash On Ink Firing System
  • Continuous Ink Supply System
  • HIS system
  • Gradient ECO UV LED Technology
  • Description

Re-engineered to achieve the best results

  • Amazing 3D textured and raised printing
  • Aluminum working table which lasts longer
  • Reformulated DTS LED UV inks
  • Unique lateral loading platform design
  • Control On Demand System
  • Safe Water Cooling Control System
  • Automatic Printhead Height Adjustment
  • Green air purity system
  • Auto Cleaning Module
  • New Wave Pass Control Technology