Gethray SF4

Gethray SF4

›20*20cm Main beam for the body

›20mm Y axis bar

›4.4M Aluminum beam

›High quality 215mm printing bed

›36 pcs of pinch roller

›Aluminum XY bracket

  • Description
Print heads SG1024 10pl/25pl (Star Fire)
2pass 300dpi*400dpi
3pass 300dpi*600dpi
4pass 300dpi*800dpi
Max print width 320cm
Ink type Solvent
Heater System Front heater, Printing bed heater, rear heater, head heater 30°C -65°C
Drying system Intelligent infrared heating system
Auto feeding/taking up system Standard feeding system (equipped), take up system (optional)
Operation environment Temperature: Temperature:15-35°C Humidity:40./0-65°/0,50Hz , 220V ( ± 10%) s 20A
N.W. 890Kg
SIZE  4850*1050*1590(mm)