Super Wide Formate Printers


1. This Flora LJ 320P high resolution wide format solvent printer introduces the Spectra Polaris print head technology.

2. It is mounted with 8 print heads to accomplish printing in 4-color (CMYK).

3. Due to the print heads in staggered arrangement, the product is improved in printing speed as high as 185m²/h.

4. The maximum printing width is 3.2m.

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Super Wide Formate Printers


1. This Flora HJII 5000P large format digital printer makes use of the Spectra Polaris printing head.

2. It is equipped with 16 printing heads for 4 or 6 colors, i.e. (CMYK) +LC+LM.

3. The printing speed for standard output is as high as 198sqm/hr.

4. The printing width is 5 meters.

Super Wide Formate Printers


1. High precision and high speed printing.

2. Eco-friendly UV ink printing.

3. Diverse media printing.

4. Large printing width.

5. Double sided printing

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Super Wide Formate Printers

PP 2512-UV

1. This Flora PP2512UV Eos UV flatbed printer realizes excellent photo like printing effect and it can shows the words in 2-point font.

2. This machine offers various printing modes for taking the white ink as automatic covering color, base color or spot color, etc. It is also applied to varnish printing in special effect.

Super Wide Formate Printers


1- Konica Minolta printgeads.

2- Option of 4 or 8 printheads.

3-Highest printing speed up to 62 sqm/hr x (2pass).

4- 4 colors(CMYK).

5- Printing width of 3.2 meters.

6- Highest printing resolution of 1440 x 1440dpi.

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