Flora HJII5000SG

Super Wide High Speed Printer

  • Up to 2048 nozzles/color
  • 4/8 print heads, standard 4 color (CMYK)
  • Printing width 5m
  • Draft quality speed up to 248 sqm/hr
  • High precision Linear motor for carriage


Super wide high speed printer

  • Simultaneous printing on multiple rolls
  • Industrial Take up & Feeding System
  • High precision Servo Motor & heavy duty Roller for Feeding
  • Innovative Substrates feeding System

Additional information


Print Head

Print Resolution

Ink Type

Rip Software



Piezoelectric inkjet

Ink Configuration

Standard CMYK

Ink cartridge size

5 L

File format

Tiff, Jpeg, Postscript, EPS, PDF ,etc.

Printer Dimensions