Gethray SF4

High Speed Starfire Solvent Printer

  • 400W Panasonic motor for carriage IR heater sensor Carriage home sensor Vacuum fan Connected
  • Aluminum Pinch roller Bracket Glass Circulation Tank Collision Avoidance System (Safety from Material) Linear Guide Two Pieces mute sliders
  • 3 in 1 Heater Control Panel


  • Negative pressure ink supply system
  • Ink out alarm system
  • Rear-Printing bed-front heaters
  • Adjustable vacuum for Printing bed
  • Lift type carriage
  • Unique print head protection stack
  • 3 in 1 heating control system
  • LED lights at printing bed
  • LED lights at printing bed
  • Multifunction Feeding and take up system
  • Internal ink circulatory function
  • Step-size free feeding system
  • Double roll Vinyl feeding and take up system
  • system(Optional)

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